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#Amiga Impact -

Joyeux Noël !
Un podcast qui parle de la MicroAlchimie 2023
IBrowse 3.0 débarque !
Entrevue avec Laurent Zorawski (Amedia Computer/AAA Technology)
Nouveaux articles sur Obligement (septembre/octobre 2023)
Magazine : Parution de BOING n°7
[MÀJ] [MOS] PolyOrga, le retour !
[MÀJ x2] Editions64k : financement du 3ème livre sur la demoscene Amiga
[AGA] Reshoot Proxima III disponible
Amiga Future 164 est sorti

#Obligement -

· Voici un article de Mickaël Pernot sur le livre Amiga Retro-Mag Hard Mode !, un ouvrage en français dédié à l'Amiga.

· Troisième salve d'articles issus du magazine Byte traduits en français, de février à mai 1986 :

· Mise à jour du tutoriel sur le montage des lecteurs réseau sur MorphOS, avec notamment l'ajout d'une partie sur Smb2FS.

· Mise en ligne d'une entrevue avec Steve Meretzky, pionier des jeux vidéo qui a notamment participer à la création des jeux d'aventure textuelle comme The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy et Zork Zero.

· Troisième partie de la série sur la création d'une démo avec cette fois-ci un article de programmation sur les plans de bits.

· Arrivée d'articles issus de Génération 4 n°9 (mars 1989).

#WArMUp MorphOS -

AstralGame 4.10 by Templario
Easy2Install 1.0b47 by Papiosaur and BeWorld 
En Pratique : Monter des lecteurs réseau sur MorphOS
Easy2Compile 1.2 by Papiosaur
FFmpeg 6.1.0 ported by BeWorld
LBreakoutHD 1.1.5 porté par BeWorld
AIOstreams 1.7.7 by Walkero
fheroes II 1.0.11 ported by BeWorld
Merry Christmas
Wayfarer 7.2 by Jacadcaps

#Amiga-NG -

Sorties post-Noël
Nouveautés et mises à jour
FFMpeg et FFMpegGUI mis à jour
IBrowse 3.0 est sorti !
CompareDirs passe en version 1.12
Parution de BOING n°7
Prix réduit de la Sam460LE
Annonces A-EON lors de l'Amiga 38
sortie d'une nouvelle version de la LibEGL_wrap
Sortie de RNOslides

#Amiga Classic -

Font Tester 2.00 by Templario
Pintor Web 4.00 by Templario
REDPILL 0.9.30 the Amiga game creator
HippoPlayer 2.59 by Kari-Pekka Koljonen
iConecta 5.10 by Templario
Videntium Picta 3.00 by Templario
Grimorium PDF 2.50 by Templario
AnimWebConverter 6.00 by Templario
Blackjuan Poker Card 1.10 by Templario
P96 3.4.0 released

#Amiga France -

Santa’s Workout 3 (2023 Vector 5)
Deck the Drones (Underground Arcade) [Backbone] early demo
Aeon’s Legend (BitBeamCannon) [Scorpion] early demo
Wipeout 68k W3D (2023 Arti) béta
Merry Xmas (2023 Earok) [Scorpion]
Red 41 (Digital Warp) en développement
Neon World (Cobour) early demo
Terryble Knight (Zener) [Redpill] early demo
Seymour Stuntman (1993-2023 Codemasters) retrouvé
Tetris 1200 AGA (JOTD) beta 5 (28/12/2023)
Jerboastar (2023 Chiron Studios) [Scorpion] (€)
A600 GS
Lost in Mine FR (1995-2023 Marksoft) Trad FR/UK
Shadow Dancer Secret Shinobi (msmalik681) [Scorpion] en développement
Super Bagman 500 (2023 JOTD) -

AmigaOS 4: Editor Lite XL 2.1.2r1
Analogue Pocket: Amiga core V0.1.2
Christmas game: Santa's Workout 3 - Silent Night
Platform game: "Super Delivery Boy - The Holiday Shift" 2023.1
AmigaOS 4: Web browser NetSurf 3.11
Java program: ham_convert 1.9.3
Interview with Steffen Häuser (Heretic II port)
AROS: Review of December 2023
Italian print/PDF magazine: Passione Amiga, issue 17
PDF magazine: REV'n'GE 153 (Italian/English)
8/16-bit emulator for Mac OS and Linux: Clock Signal V2023-12-26
Christmas game: Santa and the Goblin
Christmas game: Deck the Drones
AmigaOS 4: Videoplayer MPLayer 1.5RC2
AmigaOS 4: Music tracker Protrekkr 2.6.3r1
Emulator: QEMU 8.2.0 released
Trevor's Blog: Christmas Present
Demo: "Castlevania AGA" with stages 16-18
Christmas game: Merry Xmas (beta version 0.2)
Preview video: Hyperborea Resurrected
Aminet uploads until 23.12.2023
OS4Depot uploads until 23.12.2023
AROS Archives uploads until 23.12.2023
MorphOS-Storage uploads until 23.12.2023
WHDLoad: New installers until 23.12.2023
Memory game: MeMO 3.20
Amiga musik database AMP: MP3 mix "December Feelings"
Demoscene review: "Tint" by The Black Lotus (video)
Merry Christmas!
Developer tools: Amiga SDKs adapted to GCC compilers, Release 1
HxC floppy emulator: Software V2.15.1.2
Platform game: Demo version of "Terryble Knight"
Shoot 'em Up: Early demo version of "NEON world" (V0.0.4)

#Amiga Future -

Amiga Future 166 Member-Preview online
Individual Computers-Buddha Plus One Pre-Order
Protrekkr V2.6.3r1 - powerful tracker program
OS4 Compression V0.20 beta is released
Amiga Germany Fan?zine #9 Pre-order
Maggie 3D Updates
AmigaOS 3.2 ? Pre-Order Manual
Hollywood 10 and ZIP 2.0 manual now available in German
APNG plugin 1.3 and Plananarama 2.2 released
Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood - New Apollo Beta Preview
Commodore Free Issue 97 released
Amiga Future is looking for reinforcements
Virtual dimension: Where the past meets the future
Amiga Videos on Youtube
New uploads in MorphOS Storage
New uploads in OS4 Depot
WHDLoad: New packets online
New publications at
Amiga Future: cheats database Update
New uploads in Aminet
New uploads in The Aros Archive
Amiga Future 165 was released a few days ago
IconLib 46.4.579 released
iComp: New Commodore license signed
AmiBerry 5.6.4 released

#English Amiga Board -

New game version : Abbaye des morts
C&C Red Alert for OS 3.x !!!!!!!!
AROS One x86 Released
AGABlaster - New CDXL Player Released
WinUAE 5.1.0
GRIND : a Doom-like, first person shooter for a500!
IBrowse 2.5.6 + AmiSSL v5 Released
Amiga Addict Magazine
New Game: Crimbo
Competition: Turbo Santa 2023
PreTracker 1.5 released
New AKReal released
New Cherry MX keyboards for the A500, A600 and A1200
Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood - New Beta Preview from Apollo Team
Rogue Declan Zero coming up + teaser
Latest version of ScummVM also ported to RTG
AQUABYSS - New game announcement
Denise 2.0 released!
HippoPlayer v2.48
C64 the Mysterious Cassette - la Cassetta del Mistero available now!

#Polski Portal Amigowy -

Buddha Plus One
Sensible World of Soccer 2023/2024
AROS News - nowy blog
NetSurf 3.11
MPlayer 1.5 RC2
AmiWigilia - AmiOpłatek 2
Wywiad ze Steffenem Häuserem
Wesołych Świąt
IBrowse 3.0a
AmiSSL 5.13
Snes9x 1.62.3
ASMPro 1.20
K&A Plus #24
WinUAE 5.1.0
Krótka historia polskiej amisceny odc. 2 - rok 1992 -

NetSurf 3.11 Released
ZitaFTP Server Christmas Special - Last Chance!
Passione Amiga issue 17 released
REV'n'GE! #153 - Xmas Two Wheel Vehicles Special"
Happy Christmas from Amiga Kit
AmigaOS4: Version 2.1 of the native version of AAMP published.
Demoscene Review: "Tint" (TBL).
AROS One v2.3 x86 ABIv0 Realised
SimpleSub v2.0 now available on OS4Depot
Christmas 2023 ZitaFTP Server Special -

Lite XL 2.1.2r1 for AmigaOS 4 released
ZitaFTP Server Christmas Special - Last Chance!
NetSurf 3.11 Released
Merry Christmas
AmigaOS4: Version 2.1 of the native version of AAMP published.
Demoscene Review: "Tint" (TBL).
AROS One v2.3 x86 ABIv0 Realised
SimpleSub v2.0 now avaiable on OS4Depot
Christmas 2023 ZitaFTP Server Special
APNG plugin 1.3 and Plananarama 2.2 released

#Aminet -

P96Prefs.lha : P96 Preferences Editor
LAbbayeDesMorts.adf : L'Abbaye Des Morts : Advanced snake/Tron game
CompressionOS4.lha : A PDF generator
heart_knog_life.lha : coordinates interpolation
dyn_kwadraty_4th_deg.lha : example of least squares method
dyn_kwadraty_5th_deg.lha : example of least squares method
targetting_6th_deg.lha : targetting 6th degree polynomial
mariaconv.lha : Convert images to/from Maria's Xmas Box
ExportOrga.lha : Export your PolyOrga contacts as vcf
AmiArcadia-OS4.lha : Signetics-based machines emulator
AmiArcadia.lha : Signetics-based machines emulator
AmiVms.lha : Simulates OpenVMS commands
Nothingness.lha : Myst like adenture (AGA) from 1997 : Versatile Amiga Testprogram
json-c.lha : C library for processing JSON
REDPILLGameCreator.lha : Game Creator with AGA support
TerrybleKnightDemo.lha : Demo of a Ghost`n`Goblins like game
FastExec30.lha : Moves exec.library to fastest memory
AmiSSL-5.13-OS3.lha : OpenSSL as an Amiga shared library
AmiSSL-5.13-OS4.lha : OpenSSL as an Amiga shared library
AmiSSL-5.13-SDK.lha : OpenSSL as an Amiga shared library SDK
Kp2023-HonorYourFather.lha : Honor Your Father, Slide Show by Kp
ASMPro1.20.lha : ASM-Pro v1.20 (update)
ASMPro1.20src.lha : ASM-Pro v1.20 source code
aamp-src.lha : Sources of AAMP server package
aamp.lha : Amiga Apache MySQL and PHP for AmigaOS4
AChristmasKiss.lha : 16bit 6ch XMas Club Jazz by HKvalhe
aiostreams.lha : Stream video from major online platforms
IconLib_46.4.lha : free icon.library in optimized ASM code
dynamic_circle.lha : circle over three points
rasm.lha : Roudoudou's Z80 Assembler
SegTracker.lha : A global SegList tracking utility
WhatIFF2.12.lha : What IFF? #2.12-December-2023
dp_pretracker.lha : PreTracker v1.5 deliplayer
cubic_win_keyboard.lha : Cubic IDE: Windows-like keyboard settings
MMULib.lha : Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
Quick_1.3.lha : A software launch manager
MeetBall.lha : Bat & ball type of game
AmiArcadiaMOS.lha : Signetics-based machines emulator

#Amiga Storage -

BootClock_1.50.lha : A little and easy program to computers without battery clock to save and restore the date and time from your computer.
FontTester_2.00.lha : Font Tester
PintorWeb_4.00.lha : A little and easy web tool to work with pictures for to use in web projects by Templario.
Omanko!_1.20.lha : A tiny web tool made to get and compare the MD5 and CRC32 checksum codes
REDPILLGameCreator_0.9.30.lha : An Amiga Game Creator
HippoPlayer-Update_2.59.lha : Updated HippoPlayer, a module player for classic Amigas
iConecta_5.10.lha : A little and easy tool to test your Internet connection by Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin.
VidentiumPicta_3.00.lha : An image viewer program programmed with Hollywood™ and show almost all image formats with many features.
GrimoriumPDF_2.50.lha : A program made with Hollywood™ to read PDF files, this program is easy to handle, is portable and freeware and open PDF.
AnimWebConverter_6.00.lha : A little and easy web tool by Templarioto converter your old Amiga animations anim or yafa formats to the web current anim formats gif or apng, also you can use the tool to resize the animations or change the play speed or convert between formats gif or apng, the tool not convert to Amiga formats.
VideoSlotMachine_1.10.lha : A slot machine game
PDF2JPG_1.1.lha : Convert PDF to JPG
image2PDF_2.3.lha : Convert images to PDF
PDF2PDF_1.3.lha : A little tool to convert PDF files to PDF files
listercompare.module_1.1.lha : Dopus Magellan II: Compare lister entries

#MorphOS Storage -

Easy2Install_1.0b47.lha : A package manager to download, extract, install, update, launch and uninstall
AstralGame_4.10.lha : This esoteric app you can discover your astral and chinese signs.
Easy2Compile_1.2.lha : A GUI to compile C source and Makefile
FFmpeg_6.1.0.lha : FFmpeg is a collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata.
MUI-Examples-1.1.lha : MUI C Examples for MorphOS
LBreakoutHD_1.1.5.lha : A scaleable 16:9 remake of LBreakout2
AIOstreams_1.7.7.lha : Stream online video from major platforms
fheroes2_1.0.11.lha : fheroes2 is a recreation of Heroes of Might and Magic II game engine. Port by BeWorld
HomeWorld.lha : Full version of Homeworld for MorphOS
Scriba_1.9.9.lha : Simple word processing software
Wayfarer_7.2.lha : Wayfarer is the latest web browser for MorphOS, based on a recent branch of WebKit.
RASM_2.1.lha : Roudoudou's Z80 Assembler
Quick_1.3.lha : A software launch manager
AmiArcadia_30.71.lha : A Signetics-based machines emulator.
Abombniball.lha : Based on a game of the same name which featured on the coverdisk of ST Format several years ago
CircusLinux.lha : Based on the Atari 2600 game "Circus Atari" released in 1980
BootClock_1.50.lha : A little and easy program to computers without battery clock to save and restore the date and time from your computer.
WormWars_9.34.lha : Advanced snake game by James Jacobs
APNG_1.3.lha : Hollywood plugin for APNG anims.
GitDesktop_0.11.31.lha : A graphical git frontend for MorphOS, inspired by GitHub Desktop, GitLab Discovery

#OS4Depot -

astralgame.lha : AstralGame - A little tool to know zodiac signs, moon phases
amiarcadia.lha : AmiArcadia - Signetics-based machines emulator
protrekkr.lha : Protrekkr - Music tracker formerly known as NoiseTrekker
mplayer.lha : MPlayer - A powerful multimedia video and audio player
json-c.lha : JSON-C - C library for processing JSON
amissl-sdk.lha : AmiSSL SDK - SDK for AmiSSL
amissl.lha : AmiSSL - OpenSSL as an Amiga shared library : Snes9x - Super Nintendo / Super Famicom emulator
aiostreams.lha : aiostreams - Stream video from major online platforms
aamp-src.lha : Aamp-src - Sources of AAMP (Amiga Apache MySQL PHP) and related libs
aamp.lha : Aamp - Amiga Apache MySQL PHP. A developer environment for webpages (and more).
woof.lha : Woof - A continuation of Lee Killough's Doom source port
wb2filer.lha : WB2Filer - Hack to run Filer when dbl-click on desktop icons
compression.lha : Compression - A PDF generator
yt.lha : YT - YouTube URL Extractor script
ffmpeggui.lha : FFmpegGUI - A GUI for the ffmpeg video converter program
nallepuh.lha : Nallepuh - Nalle Puh (Paula,CIAA,CIAB emulation)
simplesub.lha : Simplesub - Create, edit and encode .srt subtitles for videos
seq.lha : Seq - MIDI sequencer
hwp_plananarama.lha : Hwp_Plananarama - Hollywood plugin for planar screen

#The AROS Archives -

astralgame.lha : AstralGame - A little tool to know zodiac signs, moon phases : Black_White Icons - Set of Black & White Icons with New Glow Borders : kensV4_Drawer_Games - Unofficial Drawer Games Icons Kens v4 Style : IconDrop_x86_12-18-2 - Icon Make to make PNG Icons from PNG Images
AROS-One : AROS One x86 - AROS One x86 ABIv0 : XPDF-GUI - Gui for XPDFTools Suite
apng_amiga.lha : Apng_amiga - Library Plugin For Hollywood Applications
amitechgazette-issue06.pdf : AmiTechGazette - Magazine by Eric Schwharz issues 6 : ZuneARC - A Zune front end for Archivers
whatiff2.12.lha : WhatIFF2.12 - Magazine on AmigaGuide Format December 2023
zoomit.i386-aros.lha : ZoomIt - Zoom Application
iconecta.lha : iConecta - A little and easy program to test your Internet
fonttester.lha : Font Tester - Test the fonts installed in your system
image2pdf.i386-aros.lha : Image2PDF - convert images file to PDF
pintorweb.lha : Pintor Web - Handle your pictures to use on your web pages : IFFIconDataDecoder - Iff Icon Data Decoder snippets and PDF
omanko.lha : Omanko! - web tool made to get the MD5 and CRC32 checksums
f1champ.lha : F1Champ - Statistics of Formula One 1950-2023
videntiumpicta.lha : Videntium Picta - Videntium Picta is picture and animation viewer : Antiryad_Gx - Advanced 2D/3D Game Engine

#WHDLoad -

Imaginations : done by StingRay
Made in Croatia : done by a/b & StingRay
Virocop : reworked input
Kelly X : fixed for 68000, manual added
Cruise For A Corpse / Croisière pour un cadavre : supports another version
Stolen Data 9 : done by StingRay
Stolen Data 10 : done by StingRay
Stuntman Seymour : done by Codetapper
Karting Grand Prix : support another version, chip memory requirements reduced to 512kb
Foundation's Waste : supports another version, customs option added
S.D.I. : supports another version
Super Hang-On : highscore/laptimes incompatibility introduced with 1.7 update fixed
Wings of Death : freeze on exit in NTSC mode fixed
Hellrun Machine : patch rewritten, editor is now supported, control problems fixed, blitter wait patches can be disabled with CUSTOM1, new install script, source code included
Time Bandit : supports another version
Alien Legion : install script updated

#Pouë -

crap box -23 : demopack
crap box 23 : demopack
Merry Christmas : demo
Boing! Merrily on High : demo
Merry BeerMas : 64k
First Judgement : musicdisk
Alien Holiday Greetings : 4k
Two Point ...Oh! : demo
FAT TRACKS Vol. 4 : musicdisk
FAT TRACKS Vol. 3 : musicdisk
Juldunken 2023 : intro
FAT TRACKS Vol. 2 : musicdisk
68k Inside 2024 Announcement : invitation
Brians retro corner demo : demo
FAT TRACKS Vol. 1 : musicdisk
WE MUSIC Demo : musicdisk
Retro Love : 100k
Sign of Life : intro
SpaceBoot : demotool
SpaceBoot Intro : 32k
Halle-MOO-jah : demo
First Decade : demo
Amiga Rulez 2301 : diskmag
Classic Tech - Issue 0 : diskmag

#AmigaRemix -

WAR (Never been so much fun!) : 2m32s
Electric City : 4m41s
Apidya (Highscore) : 4m39s
Urban Ferret (Afterburner Final Take Off) : 4m15s
Enigma-Goria : 5m55s
A Prehistoric Tale : 4m14s
Unsuspected Puost : 2m01s
Cadaver Main Theme Music (Remake) : 3m03s
Nexus 7 Theme (Cover) : 6m30s
Beetlemusic [Bouncy edit] : 3m17s
Beetlemusic [Encore500] : 3m16s
Body Blows [Encore500] : 3m35s
Rage is Relentless [Encore500] : 3m41s
RSI Hard [Encore500] : 3m12s
Battle Squadron - HiScore [Encore500] : 4m19s

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